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Sunday, 31 July 2016

4 Tips For Your Slate Roofing In Sydney

Slate roofing in Sydney is a very popular roofing option. Slate tiles are usually very durable and high-quality tiles usually require a skilled professional to install and repair. If you are new to roofing and don’t know anything about slate tiles, we have some tips for you!

1-      Do your homework before starting any roofing work

A slate roofing installation is quite a high-demanding task and you do need to conduct a thorough research before starting any work on your roof. Make sure you read all about slate roofing in Sydney to be aware of all the common mistakes people usually make when installing slate tiles. Learning the basic information will help you chose the right slate tiles for your particular roof and the right contractor in your area if you need one.

2-      Walk with caution

If you are repairing your roof on your own, you have to be very cautious when walking around. Slate tiles are very fragile and can easily dislodge if you don’t treat them carefully. This is why it is usually recommended to seek advice from an experienced roofer who knows how to climb on slate roofing tiles safely.

3-      How to care for you slate roofing tiles?

Slate tiles are made of a very delicate stone. In order to keep them in good condition you need to clean and protect them properly. For instance, aggressive cleaning with inappropriate products is highly inadvisable because it will significantly affect the slate tiles. We recommend you to call for professional cleaners that will help you keep your tiles durable.

4-      How to repair your slate roofing tiles?

Repairing or replacing a slate roof is a serious decision and is often a significant investment to do. You might be tempted to go for a DIY slate roof repair for financial reasons. However, given the fragility of slate tiles, we highly recommend you to get a quote from a professional experienced in slate roofing in Sydney. Cheap but improperly repaired slate tiles may cost you more than getting a professional to do the job in the first place.