Saturday, 30 July 2016

How To Create An Effective Study Environment

Where do you go when you need to study? Do you go to the library? Stay at school or go home? Even though you spend a lot of time at the library you still need to have a suitable place at home to do your homework. The effective study space should be stress free and noise free. It is obvious that everyone is different and we all have our own ways of getting things done. That is why you need to figure out what works for you. Think of the ways how to turn your home into a work friendly environment.

Below you can find some ideas of the study environment at home:

Clean and Tidy

If your study room is messy and has a lot of distracting things, it will not help you get the work done. Your study area should be tidy and have minimum distractions. Move your favorite Play Station to another room and don’t enter it until you’re done with work.

Quiet Please!

You need to find the quietest place in your house so that the street noises and loud TV in the living room will not reach you. If you live in a small house that has no quiet rooms, you can put your headphones on and listen to some relaxing music. This way you will stay more focused and will be able to study effectively.

No Distractions

Switch off your phone and log out of Facebook when you study. You can leave them on unless you want to finish your work next morning. Have you ever wondered how many hours you spend on Facebook daily? Imagine the same amount of time spent studying, and the extra hours of sleep you could get. Right? Use your time wisely.

Also tell your friends that you are going to study so that no one would stop by for a chit-chat.


Make sure you have a comfortable chair and a desk in your study room. Your chair should be comfortable enough for you to study and not to fall asleep, yet it should not cause any back problems.

Be Prepared

Do you have enough pens and pencils on your desk? Don’t forget to get all the necessary stationery supplies so that you would not get distracted right in the middle of your studies.

General suggestions:

-          Check your eyesight annually and change your glasses accordingly. Buy a reading lamp and don’t forget to use it when you need to read a lot.

-          Be responsible with your homework, finish it before the deadline and learn how to plan your time effectively.

Sometimes studying at home is better than staying at the library. If most of your friends go to the same library you will end up chatting with them and will have zero work done. You might divide your studying routine into smaller chunks: go to read at your favorite café, do assignments at home and read your lecture notes at the library. If you change the working environment, you will be able to refocus on your tasks. You need to figure out your own routine and follow it daily. Once you have a study routine, you will get used to it and become more successful.


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